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Pro Package

For those players (aged 13+) only serious about their continued development. This program aims to combine 1on1 coaching focus, in a group environment.

Training sessions for this group will be in the morning’s, twice a week. If you’re training while others are sleeping, you’ll be getting ahead.

Now that being said, we are well aware that the answer to improvement isn’t as simple as to just work harder; You must work smarter as well. This program will take in the individual’s needs, and offer individual development technically, tactically, physically and psychologically.

We will educate the player on what is needed to succeed, and we will offer mentorship as to what their best options are currently, and in the future. Early in the week they will get a recovery and tactical session, then mid-week get a physical and technical session to ensure they are fresh for their weekend game.

And guess what… we will promise they will be enjoying themselves along the journey.

You simply will not get this level of individual attention ANYWHERE else, from a team with so much experience.

As with all of our programs, this will be broken down into Pre/In/Off season, and what we work on will be tailored according to the time of the year.

February – -December

PRO Package Program

Twice Weekly Training Sessions

Developed by Leon Kita (FFA ‘A’ License), with Gary Rafferty (FFA Football Conditioning Coach) and Chaz Samushonga (Goalkeeper Coach). The program is delivered by FFA accredited coaches with both local and overseas coaching experience.

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The pro package runs in the mornings at Harbord and Marrickville on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6.30 to 7.30am with football conditioning sessions also available in Sydenham. Contact us for more information.



Harbord or Marrickville | includes two training sessions each week.

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Pre-Season – 10 weeks (Feb-Apr): $500
In-Season – 15 weeks (Apr-Aug): $750
Off-Season – 15 Weeks (Aug-Dec): $750
Full Year – 40 weeks (Feb-Dec): $1,700*

*Payment plans available